An IG Interval

Sunday, 15 November 2009 at 21:51
Well, I finally found some time to see 'The Men Who Stare At Goats'.
Matt and I argued to and from the cinema, well I say argued, I meant bicker; 'cos that's what old married farts do.

The film was brilliant! It was a little bit like the book, but in some ways much more in terms of comedy. I'd recommend it to anyone who thinks that the whole 'war' issue is a both important and a waste of time.

What was strangely alluring was George Clooney (yeah, right! I hear you cry) but guess what, he looks good with long hair. Mind you I really have the hots for Mark Alpiger from King of Kong. What I thought was a bit strange was that even in the thick of being shot in Iraq, Clooney still had perfect white teeth..... Mmmmm. Three days without food, drink or hygiene and Clooney looks great! Ha!

Post script: Jeff Bridges is hot for an old guy. That is all.

I may or may not return to GS9 business.


  1. Kesa Says:

    i wonder what that means

  2. you WILL return to GS9! by the power of Greyskull! Oh and btw that Mark Alpiger thing is not something i would toot from the rooftops m'dear!

  3. Vero Says:

    Mark Alpiger RULEZ

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