MCM Expo Post Mortem Part III

Saturday, 31 October 2009 at 09:15

Nathan Goredema wrote a l'il article about our exploits last weekend and it made it into Castle College (our partner college)'s weekly newsletter.



Friday, 30 October 2009 at 10:25
'Nuff said...

Thanks kotaku!

MCM Expo Post Mortem Part II

at 09:53
I had such a great time! You lot were awesome and I couldn't wish for a better GS9 to be honest!
But I feel I must embarrass some of you, so here's some pics:

Digital Communications Assignment

at 09:12
Wow! Lots of you are having mayjah problemos this time, eh? Let's look at the assignment bit by bit.

You are required to design a PowerPoint presentation lasting at least 10-minutes that identifies and investigates a minimum of three different digital communication technologies. You will need to describe protocols, devices and methods used in those technological systems. You will also need to identify one web service that offers digital communication opportunities and describe the service offered and the software and HTML required to enable that service to function appropriately. During your presentation you should use examples of the technologies you are describing and investigating to help support your work.

Mmmm, interesting. What does it mean? It means this (and this is a great strategy for what to do when you receive an assignment):

  • Design a presentation lasting 10 mins (but no more than 20 mins, as you tend to ramble otherwise)
  • Name 3 different digi comms (so email, sms and IM are three different types of digi comms)
  • Give 3 examples of your digi comms (ergo: Microsoft Outlook, Orange Network and MSN - see above)
  • Explain those digi comms in depth (email is a time sensitive messaging device; as in electronic mail using virtual mail servers, sms is a time sensitive messaging device utilising gprs or gps technologies, and IM stands for instant messaging meaning just that and uses browser/html technologies to send an instant message from point a to point b)
  • Show diagrams of how each digi comm works, I drew some gubbins on the board last week. You could SWOT each technology - that could get you some higer grades! ^_^
  • Make comparisons between other brand names or services under the digi comms banner (Outlook vs Lotus; Virgin vs Vodafone; MSN vs GoogleTalk)
  • Name and explain how one internet service works (for instance, Facebook is a comms website powered by an internet browser containing databases, video conferencing technology and instant messaging. It also provides a forum and allows for a blog-style opportunity to post comments. You could at this point use SWOT to raise your grade ^_^
  • Make comparisons between other brand names or services under the Internet Services banner (MySpace vs Facebook, Skype vs Apple iChat, Internet Exploder vs Google Chrome vs Firefox!)

The criteria is fairly clear about what you need to do. How you put these things together is YOUR choice, not mine! Here's the distinction criteria for digi comms and internet services:

o Fully explain at least three different digital communication technologies identifying advantages and disadvantages in their application.
o Show at least three examples of a digital communications technologies.
o Fully explain the protocols and methods in order to enable those devices to function.
o Fully explain at least one Internet service that offers digital communication opportunities and compare the service to other similar services available and describe the advantages and disadvantages of that service.
o Fully explain the software and HTML coding that enable that service to function.
o Use subject terminology fluently.

Any questions? Post them here and I'll try my darndest to post some comprehensive answers over the weekend.

NOTE: I cannot look at every single presentation. But what I can do is have a look at snippets where you feel that you need some help.

I've seen most of your work in class and it all looks good to me. What I'll be looking for on this occasion is your actual skills in this area. Can you explain what things mean? Can you describe technology and it's development?

Your presentation will be filmed. You will be marked on your presentation, so you must supply a hard copy - and I'll give you a front page to hand work in with.

I think I've covered everything..............................................

MCM Expo Post Mortem Part I

Sunday, 25 October 2009 at 23:29
Nate did a lovely post on yesterday clickety-click! His blog is awesomes, add him and follow his blog!

Bad Cosplay

Thursday, 22 October 2009 at 18:04
As you know, we are going to London on Saturday - YAY! Since some of us may or may not Cosplay, I thought it might be nice to show some Cosplay FAIL:


ROFL and comment as applicable....

HTML in a Nutshell

at 11:05
Thanks Chris Williams! Confetti points are on the way....

Weekly Notices - 19 Rocktober 2009

Wednesday, 21 October 2009 at 12:32

Understanding Finance & Funding

at 12:30
Monday's session was tough, right? So if you need to have another read, please find the attached presentation.

Course Reps!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009 at 15:50
You should have received an email asking your to partake in our annual search for a course rep quest. If you haven't had an email from me about it you need to get in touch asap!

I want to see every group represented and will be providing a course rep and a deputy following this online vote cast....

If you haven't a clue what I'm on about, get in touch or read your EMAILS!

Library Services

at 12:01
Hey Allz - I wanted to introduce you to our brilliant Library at Confetti. This year it's bigger and better than before with a real good slecetion of Games related titles. What I've done for you is compile a list of books that you can take out of Confetti right away! The only drawback is that you have to be a member first, so I'm going to attach a private link for you to downbload and complete a library application form. You can bring it back to me completed and signed in the next session! Please feel free to use the LRC to print off the application....

And here's the super link for the library application.

Weekly Notices - 12 Rocktober 2009

at 11:39

Understanding Media Industries - Lesson 4: Understanding Jobs

at 11:26
Hey Guys

Hope you enjoyed Monday's lecture on jobs in the industry. Here's the PowerPoint:

Tonight on BBC Four

Thursday, 8 October 2009 at 19:57
Some of you have been watching the amazing Gameswipe on BBC Four:

Don't forget to watch this brilliant drama about the rise and fall of Clive Sinclair and the ZX Spectrum:

Digital Communications

at 19:54
Did you enjoy it? Get used to it - it's going to be a regular thing! I'll keep you updated. For us as 2 groups it was a complete and utter success:

Until next time!!

Homework: Take a site and do a SWOT analysis on it looking for accessibility, ergonics, colour use, text use etc...

Weekly Notices - 05 Rocktober 2009

Wednesday, 7 October 2009 at 08:44

Understanding Rare

at 08:27
From Monday's lecture:

Why Was The Induction Assignment So Hard?

Saturday, 3 October 2009 at 10:16
I have to say that by 4.30pm last night I was completely exasperated!
Never before have I worked with 44 people who have/have not any grasp of PowerPoint presentations, handing work in BEFORE deadlines or saving hard copiers or printing work out.

Now, I hope that I took on 44 people who were technologically savvy (after all you are hoping to work in a technological world) so, with that in mind, I hope that you can redress the balance, dust yourselves off from this most embarrassing of situations and crack on!

If you can't get through your induction assignment, what hope do we have of getting your through your National Diploma?

When you received an assignment:

b) Start working on it immediately, even if it's writing an intro paragraph
c) Breakdown the assignment into readable chunks
d) Attempt the hard stuff first (that way you have loads of time to get help or take notes in lessons)
e) Read the assignment again

When you are close to completion, do this:

b) Show it to a skills tutor for spellings, grammar and punctuation help
c) Read your work to a family member or friend

When you are about to hand in your work to EST (or me):

b) Read the submission guidelines again
c) Hand the work in BEFORE the deadline (as opposed to 3.59pm on a Friday)

Please, please, please DO NOT:

a) Email your work to me unless I have specifically requested it
b) Pester me about how to hand in work
c) Pester EST about handing in work
d) Spend precious time on the day of the deadline working on your assignment/procrastinating about your assignment or other
e) Hand work in after the deadline

Get in the habit of being professional at all times and you will leave Confetti with an exemplary record. Frankly it is tiresome for any teacher looking after 44 students to be constantly bombarded with mindless requests and endless emails about how to hand in work.

I'm trying very hard to treat you all as adults because that's what you are, so let's turn the page and start again from Monday, yes?

You'll get your mark in due course and work will not be discussed prior to that!

Disappointing Ends..... Surprising Beginnings!

at 10:06
Wow, what a weird end to week 2 on the games course. I must tell you that I was hugely disappointed that although I gave you a very fair and just deadlines, some of you still couldn't make it. For you guys who missed the deadline without letting me know beforehand, you will be meeting with me on Monday.

The second huge disappointment of the day for me, was without question, the GS9 attendance to the film at the Broadway. With the notable exception of GS9-1 (you guys are awesome!), the only faces I saw and really appreciated were:
Joe Straw - GS9-2 REPRAZENT
Jacob Henry - GS9-2 REPRAZENT
David Correia - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
William Larcombe - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
Robert Ward - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
I think that there may have been one more, but the great news for you lot is that you all got Confetti points.

Those that couldn't (/be bothered to) make it, that's a shame, but it has somehow shaped how I see you doing over the course of this next year. Putting work first, for me, on deadline day isn't an option, it's a mere oversight/bout of laziness that needs to be capped! More on assignments in my next entry!

Oh a weird note though, I really didn't expect to see the ones (outside of GS9-1) to be sat there watching Let The Right One In.

Any thoughts about the film? Put a comment below...