This Is The Last Time....

Thursday, 10 December 2009 at 09:25
I really don't want to do this but I feel I must. Some of you are really struggling and that ain't cool.

Here's some hints and tips for writing the Shaun of the Dead assignment...

I'd start by writing a few sentences, or one paragraph on what you actually want to say. So you could start by saying "I will be discussng the various implications on creating a Shaun of the Dead game".

Then, kick off the essay/report with an overview of the game, stating key copyright and licensing issues with say, a reference to Dead Rising and Romero if you really want to. Thius should take 2 or 3 paragraphs.

Generally follow the criteria as it comes up, so, the first criteria reflects ethics and law, so you can talk heavily about case studies affecting ethics and law in these paragraphs. The second criteria is a bout regulating bodies.

You must, must, must talk in detail about all of the regulating bodies and regulations affecting games. Look back in the past at around the time of the Slasher genre and you'll note that games were governed by the exact same body as the Slasher genre. Scratch the surface and you will find all manner of similarities in terms of shock value and controversy.

Like all reports, you should be in a position to conclude your work - so how about looking for some correlations between then and now. How have games developed? Are they gorier now than then? Why do people go crazy after playing games? All of these things separate the pass from the distinction.

I really want to see good use of functional skills English (spelling/grammar etc) and Maths (statistics/figures) to really set you apart from the rest of Confetti. You already have high standards that you have set yourselves, lets see whether you police them, eh?

Good luck people!


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