Weekly Notices - 08 February

Monday, 8 February 2010 at 11:56


  1. Kesa Says:

    feel sorry for smokers
    gettin pushed away from everywhere

    not sure but i think i said it right..

  2. Vero Says:

    You did... no one feels sorry for dudes who like stinking of ciggies...

  3. sigh, well youre lookin at the exception to the rule, i dont stink of ciggies, THAT much! come to my place and you would faint from disbelief!

    Besides do u know how much smokers put into our economy? its an ugly truth. Non smokers can keep smelling their own farts believing they are doing the planet and themselves good while the smokers will support the country and allow trees to help recycle our smoke.

    p.s. there are public bins with ashtrays now so theres no excuse for butt litter!

  4. Kesa Says:

    yeah, read that

  5. Vero Says:

    Who are you trying to convince Aido? me or yourself?
    PS: My farts smell of roses

  6. Kesa Says:

    hows that possible?

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