Vero, Verification and Vengeance

Friday, 9 April 2010 at 21:32
It's been a quick fortnight. Too quick.
I spent the first week getting 5.1 in shape (I do hope you've read my comprehensive notes rather than picking out one typo, Pete) and week 2 was spent getting 1.2 and 5.2 in better shape.

On Wednesday someone, who we'll call EV, came to Confetti to externally verify my course so that I can carry on teaching you and so that everyone is happy with the learning taking place, and finally, so that I can give you a fair mark for the hard work you diligently complete.

EV suggested that the standard of work was very high this year, and for most, the marking was representative of the work.The head of media, Jamie, was particularly impressed by 5.1 and 5.2 because of the understanding that all of you had of existing games in order to create your own. The second years are currently 12 weeks away from completing the course and the standard of work there was praised for its technical standards (but you'll see all of that in June at the Showcase).

I just wanted to take a minute, before I give you all a bashing for what you didn't do with 5.2, to congratulate you on some brilliant work guys. Bloody well done, and do not get complacent - we'll be doing it all over again this time next year as you approach the end of your course.


  1. "before I give you all a bashing for what you didn't do with 5.2...."

    More earache? I thought i was here to learn skills for the gaming industry!

    My mother, my girlfriend and my tutor, all of them giving me grief and all of them women! T_T

  2. Vero Says:

    It's our raison d'etre dear Aidoru.
    But honestly, the bad stuff gets all squeezed out so I don't get a bashing from the games industry - know what I mean friend?

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