FFVII Is Back???

Thursday, 26 March 2009 at 22:04
Well, it had to happen...
Square Enix has plans to revisit Final Fantasy VII according to producer Tetsuya Nomura.
"The company recently announced that the upcoming Blu-ray release of Advent Children Complete will bring the curtain down on that saga, and is looking to expand on Final Fantasy VII for its next project. A feature length film, PS2 spinoff and a PSP prequel have already been released as tie-in material to the PlayStation original but it appears that Square is not done yet, with Nomura already planning "the next product in the compilation".A FFVII remake has been rumoured for some time, but could be a long way off with Square Enix currently preparing Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy XIII for release."

Zomg! Is this the best news evah? Let's see if it happens... :)

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  1. Alex.T Says:

    well it's about time this is probably the best.. Wait what am I saying, it IS the best game of the Final Fantasy series, well I personally think so.

    They should re-release this on xbox, think of the graphics and online gameplay ability!

    And about advent children on blu-ray.. I bet the detail of that will be awesome! If you think about it, on a normal lcd screen it's a good def. Especially the forbidden city part with kadaj and his gang.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what will happen with the re-release


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