Square Enix: 'Games could surpass films'

Monday, 9 March 2009 at 12:14
ZOMG! Check it out. No surprise to some of you but hey!

Square Enix producer Yoshinori Yamagishi has claimed that games have the potential to surpass films as a storytelling medium.
Speaking to CVG, the Final Fantasy producer indicated that games have untapped potential as a narrative form, but that interactivity is their biggest hurdle.
"In TV, film and theatre, the creator has control over how he gives the story to the viewer - it's easier to control the emotions," he said.
"If we manage to get over this hurdle, then I regard video games as a greater medium to provide people with deep emotional and exciting experiences."
Square Enix is currently preparing Star Ocean: The Last Hope for its European debut in April.


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