My Interactive Death

Sunday, 17 January 2010 at 22:09
Oh heck! Will I mark a piece of work with some mention of VOIP please?

Does anyone use VOIP? It's been around long enough for you to at least try it and be able to write about it and yet, no one (so far) has even given it a mention.

I'm like, sat in my living room pacing up and down because I'm so eager to find at least one assignment that documents or sets out exactly what I've asked for in the assignment.

I wonder whether you'd be surprised to know that some of you have avoided the question on all counts, preferring to do your own thang. Do your own thang? What the hell?

Give me GS8 any day of the week over you lot on this assignment.


  1. Vero Says:

    Found one! Thanks El Huddy!

  2. pffft, give me 3ds max 2009 and a character design limit of 20,000 polys any day of the week over this assignment!

  3. Jamie Says:

    I dont get it, how can we suck at an easy assignment like this. Its our everyday lifes for crying out loud!!

  4. Kesa Says:

    so sad

  5. steff Says:

    I used VOIP in my assignment :) arragaragaraaaarawaaa

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