Things I Have Learnt This Holiday....

Friday, 8 January 2010 at 00:51
... Wow, where to begin:
  • Chipmunk is very poor indeed
  • Basshunter is a really nice person
  • Vodka makes me miss my friends
  • Old age starts at 36
  • It is possible to live on what's in the cupboard when you are snowed in
  • Xbox 360s are not the end of the world
  • Ski socks are the best things about winter
  • Saying you are going to the gym and actually going are two separate things
  • The Jeremy Kyle Show is strangely engaging
  • The geeks shall inherit the earth
  • 3 weeks is too long to do nothing

... And much, much more.


  1. certain points here are relevant to my interests:
    - basshunter admitted to spanking the monkey 25 times in 1 day. theres ALWAYS other things that can be done instead!
    - vodka makes me wake up with no clothes on for some reason (how i still have friends i dont know)
    - u mean dead xboxes are not the end of the world? err not if you have a pc+internet or a partner i guess.
    - ski socks are fine but thick ninja/tabi sox just rule all over them. mmm toasty!
    - gyms stink and suck. full of folk that make overweight people look like they are wasting time on the equipment and shud just get off and allow the fitter folk to pose and show off on them. get your own treadmill or go swimming ftw.
    - jeremy kyle, we publicly deride it but secretly want our pound of flesh!
    - geeks can have the earth, i want to live on mars with a jehuty orbital frame in my driveway! (jehuty? google is our friend!)
    -3 weeks IS too long to do nothing, but when you have around 5 games to get through, its not enough!

  2. Ren Says:

    Surprisingly, I found having 3 weeks off was just the right amount of time what with spending a stressful Christmas week with family and falling ill (again). Having said that, I am looking forward to coming back. Things I have learnt this Holiday:
    - Kung Fu Panda is the shortest game....ever!! some one clearly rushed this bad boy (and before you all start poking fun at me, it came as a freebie with Indiana Jones Lego, which incidently I haven;t played yet)
    - Its very satisfying being told by the man with a deep voice on Bejewelled Blitz 'Spectacular'
    - Doctor Who will never ever be the same ever again (Nooo, I've just got something in my eye...)
    - Taking sneaky peaks at walkthroughs when your lost in a castle is a bad idea, damn you sidequests and damn you last remanent
    - nothing ventured, nothing gained :-)

  3. Kesa Says:


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