Shaun is Still Dead...

Friday, 8 January 2010 at 00:39
Random is the only way that I describe the assignments I've seen so far. It's weird because I thought or hoped that you might be able to produce work that flowed and had meaning in terms of the implication of ethics and law. It hasn't been apparent so far and I'm 10 assignments in. Incidentally, where are all of the other assignments I wonder? Not everyone handed work in, did you know that? Probably 15 or 20 if I'm lucky. So expect a few shoutings at when I return/Monday.

I guess I have been making a natural comparison between the work that GS8 did last year and what you guys have done in assignment 1.2. Is that a fair comparison to make? If so, they really rocked at the assignment which will probably have some issue with how I have taught you ethics and law.....

Mmmmm..... Just thinking aloud.


  1. in before kesa! wooooot!

    i cant believe people are STILL not getting work in on time. i feel bad bringing my work in on the deadline day, these guys are takin the proverbial!
    (unless they have work or family matters)

    is kelly fair to compare? if the brief was the same and she discussed the same subjects then yes. could ages and experiences be a factor?

    but this kind of assignment is not my strength and i expect to be veronated on it.......... (even though i got it in on time.)

  2. Ren Says:

    here, here

  3. Kesa Says:

    this will never happen again WOOOT

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