Disappointing Ends..... Surprising Beginnings!

Saturday, 3 October 2009 at 10:06
Wow, what a weird end to week 2 on the games course. I must tell you that I was hugely disappointed that although I gave you a very fair and just deadlines, some of you still couldn't make it. For you guys who missed the deadline without letting me know beforehand, you will be meeting with me on Monday.

The second huge disappointment of the day for me, was without question, the GS9 attendance to the film at the Broadway. With the notable exception of GS9-1 (you guys are awesome!), the only faces I saw and really appreciated were:
Joe Straw - GS9-2 REPRAZENT
Jacob Henry - GS9-2 REPRAZENT
David Correia - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
William Larcombe - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
Robert Ward - GS9-3 REPRAZENT
I think that there may have been one more, but the great news for you lot is that you all got Confetti points.

Those that couldn't (/be bothered to) make it, that's a shame, but it has somehow shaped how I see you doing over the course of this next year. Putting work first, for me, on deadline day isn't an option, it's a mere oversight/bout of laziness that needs to be capped! More on assignments in my next entry!

Oh a weird note though, I really didn't expect to see the ones (outside of GS9-1) to be sat there watching Let The Right One In.

Any thoughts about the film? Put a comment below...

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  1. Joe.Straw Says:

    Jamie from GS9-2 to went as well.

    I thought the film was quite good. Not quite what i had in mind when i was told we were going to see "Carry On Girls!" I thought i managed to guess what we were going to see really, but i was way off!

    But yeah it was good. Can't wait for the next one!!

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