Bad Cosplay

Thursday, 22 October 2009 at 18:04
As you know, we are going to London on Saturday - YAY! Since some of us may or may not Cosplay, I thought it might be nice to show some Cosplay FAIL:


ROFL and comment as applicable....


  1. Erg, I don't i'll be playing dalkstalkers for a bit just because of that felicia cosplay

  2. Kesa Says:

    i would like to chat with that pink/white cat or a tiger...

  3. lol, thats felicia, shes a catwoman if you want to know.

  4. i always had the hots for quistis, her cosplayer almost made me puke over my keyboard!

    oh and is it wrong id rather do that weird jap guy in the forest than the felicia cosplayer?

  5. steff Says:

    Epic lolz!

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