Digital Communications Assignment

Friday, 30 October 2009 at 09:12
Wow! Lots of you are having mayjah problemos this time, eh? Let's look at the assignment bit by bit.

You are required to design a PowerPoint presentation lasting at least 10-minutes that identifies and investigates a minimum of three different digital communication technologies. You will need to describe protocols, devices and methods used in those technological systems. You will also need to identify one web service that offers digital communication opportunities and describe the service offered and the software and HTML required to enable that service to function appropriately. During your presentation you should use examples of the technologies you are describing and investigating to help support your work.

Mmmm, interesting. What does it mean? It means this (and this is a great strategy for what to do when you receive an assignment):

  • Design a presentation lasting 10 mins (but no more than 20 mins, as you tend to ramble otherwise)
  • Name 3 different digi comms (so email, sms and IM are three different types of digi comms)
  • Give 3 examples of your digi comms (ergo: Microsoft Outlook, Orange Network and MSN - see above)
  • Explain those digi comms in depth (email is a time sensitive messaging device; as in electronic mail using virtual mail servers, sms is a time sensitive messaging device utilising gprs or gps technologies, and IM stands for instant messaging meaning just that and uses browser/html technologies to send an instant message from point a to point b)
  • Show diagrams of how each digi comm works, I drew some gubbins on the board last week. You could SWOT each technology - that could get you some higer grades! ^_^
  • Make comparisons between other brand names or services under the digi comms banner (Outlook vs Lotus; Virgin vs Vodafone; MSN vs GoogleTalk)
  • Name and explain how one internet service works (for instance, Facebook is a comms website powered by an internet browser containing databases, video conferencing technology and instant messaging. It also provides a forum and allows for a blog-style opportunity to post comments. You could at this point use SWOT to raise your grade ^_^
  • Make comparisons between other brand names or services under the Internet Services banner (MySpace vs Facebook, Skype vs Apple iChat, Internet Exploder vs Google Chrome vs Firefox!)

The criteria is fairly clear about what you need to do. How you put these things together is YOUR choice, not mine! Here's the distinction criteria for digi comms and internet services:

o Fully explain at least three different digital communication technologies identifying advantages and disadvantages in their application.
o Show at least three examples of a digital communications technologies.
o Fully explain the protocols and methods in order to enable those devices to function.
o Fully explain at least one Internet service that offers digital communication opportunities and compare the service to other similar services available and describe the advantages and disadvantages of that service.
o Fully explain the software and HTML coding that enable that service to function.
o Use subject terminology fluently.

Any questions? Post them here and I'll try my darndest to post some comprehensive answers over the weekend.

NOTE: I cannot look at every single presentation. But what I can do is have a look at snippets where you feel that you need some help.

I've seen most of your work in class and it all looks good to me. What I'll be looking for on this occasion is your actual skills in this area. Can you explain what things mean? Can you describe technology and it's development?

Your presentation will be filmed. You will be marked on your presentation, so you must supply a hard copy - and I'll give you a front page to hand work in with.

I think I've covered everything..............................................


  1. Kesa Says:

    what if i do not want to be filmed?

  2. Jacob Says:

    im struggling on explaining how an internet service works, like connecting to servers and stuff. ive explained what it allows us to do, compared it to myspace and did a SWOT analysis on it

  3. Vero Says:

    Kesa - sadly, you have not much choice. I can do a witness statement but if you have a look at your student handbook, it is something that you have already agreed to...

  4. Vero Says:

    Um, I posted a diagram explaining all of it last week? Have a look at my previous posts...

  5. Kesa Says:

    i wish i was sick

  6. Vero Says:

    Kesa - you kind of are sick. But in a good way!

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