Why Was The Induction Assignment So Hard?

Saturday, 3 October 2009 at 10:16
I have to say that by 4.30pm last night I was completely exasperated!
Never before have I worked with 44 people who have/have not any grasp of PowerPoint presentations, handing work in BEFORE deadlines or saving hard copiers or printing work out.

Now, I hope that I took on 44 people who were technologically savvy (after all you are hoping to work in a technological world) so, with that in mind, I hope that you can redress the balance, dust yourselves off from this most embarrassing of situations and crack on!

If you can't get through your induction assignment, what hope do we have of getting your through your National Diploma?

When you received an assignment:

b) Start working on it immediately, even if it's writing an intro paragraph
c) Breakdown the assignment into readable chunks
d) Attempt the hard stuff first (that way you have loads of time to get help or take notes in lessons)
e) Read the assignment again

When you are close to completion, do this:

b) Show it to a skills tutor for spellings, grammar and punctuation help
c) Read your work to a family member or friend

When you are about to hand in your work to EST (or me):

b) Read the submission guidelines again
c) Hand the work in BEFORE the deadline (as opposed to 3.59pm on a Friday)

Please, please, please DO NOT:

a) Email your work to me unless I have specifically requested it
b) Pester me about how to hand in work
c) Pester EST about handing in work
d) Spend precious time on the day of the deadline working on your assignment/procrastinating about your assignment or other
e) Hand work in after the deadline

Get in the habit of being professional at all times and you will leave Confetti with an exemplary record. Frankly it is tiresome for any teacher looking after 44 students to be constantly bombarded with mindless requests and endless emails about how to hand in work.

I'm trying very hard to treat you all as adults because that's what you are, so let's turn the page and start again from Monday, yes?

You'll get your mark in due course and work will not be discussed prior to that!


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